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Manifesto for Happiness

Here is the Manifesto for Happiness I received on the morning of my forty third birthday – August 31, 2019.

LOVE is the true nature of your Being. And though politicians, corporate advertising, magazines, Netflix, religions,  romantic fantasies et al, fight for your attention, none of them will guide you in LOVE. In fact, they all steal you away from the LOVE you seek.
Make every effort to detach from them, no matter how impossible it seems. Especially when it seems impossible. Love is real, and you are inseperably intertwined in it.

PRAY. To whatever form is most comfortable for you; whether it is God, Jesus, Allah, the Buddha, Nature, or LOVE itself. Pray.
And when you pray, do not ask for anything except to be freed from the mental constructs that hold you enslaved and restricted. All else is meaningless babble of the mind that takes you further away from the Love and Peace you seek.

GIVE GRATITUDE. Consciously. Daily. Something new each day. It is the highest form of prayer, meditation and all religious worship. It is the shortest path to Joy.

DETACH FROM LABELS. Politics, religion, economics, nationalism, education, health, food, black, white, male, female, gay, straight, vegan,  rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, and everything else you are able to define in a label, and read and hear about in the mainstream media or office talk, are all abstract mental concepts and nothing more. As such, they are fleeting, transient, and temporary; they lack the substance of Reality.
They are definitions created by someone else, about how that unknown third-party perceives their world.
Other people’s perceptions do not define you or your world … unless you allow them to.
Detach from the labels.

DROP YOUR BELIEFS. Make every effort to let go of what you believe; it is your beliefs that hold you imprisoned. Because they have been constructed by other people’s labels and definitions, and you absorbed them unknowingly. Let go of what you believe, and your Truth will appear to set you free. Because if what you believe is actually Truth, your beliefs would not have shifted as they have since birth. Truth is unchangeable. Beliefs are changeable. Let go of beliefs and you will find Truth.

SIT WITH YOURSELF. Daily. And just be. Even if for only 5 minutes; do not ‘DO’ anything. Switch off electronics. Be in Stillness. FEEL your heart. Ask yourself: ‘How do I FEEL?’ … and then do nothing, and fix nothing … just FEEL.

BREATHE. Stop right now and breathe. Your breath is your life, give it attention. Every day. In each moment. Stop. Breathe. Consciously. You will be refreshed, re-centred and revived every time.

MEDITATE. As often as you can, for as long or short as you can manage. Even 60secs everyday, is enough to start a revolution. Consistency is KEY, so start small, with a lifelong determination. It will help you clear away the debris in the mind that clouds your vision and imprisons you with meaningless fears and doubts that have no substance in Reality, and no rightful place in your life.

STRETCH. Just do it and feel how good it is.

THROW AWAY THE TELEVISION AND MAINSTREAM NEWS, they serve no purpose except to fill you with apathy, steal your attention away from the Love you seek, and imprison you in the fear you cry in your heart to be released from.
You know this.
Deep inside where there are no words, where your deepest Truth resides, you know this. Throw away the television, and flee Mainstream News.

WRITE YOUR OWN STORY. In each moment. Experience for yourself, and inquire of yourself with a fresh and conscious mind. Define your own Reality with your own words. Write your own story, with your own definitions.

PLANT A SEED; give it water,  watch it grow, and take care of it. Just one. No expectations. This will help you maintain a connection with Earth who is your Mother and loves you. More than your mind will ever fathom. When it dies … because all things on Earth must come to an end … plant another, and play again.

SING. To yourself and for yourself, as often as you can. Hum if there are no words.

DANCE. Regularly. Just in your bedroom or kitchen. Just for yourself. Just for fun. You were dancing before you were walking; dancing is a reminder of your True Nature. It is a short and simple way to connect with your Soul.

And don’t forget to SMILE … because you are loved, and you are LOVE, and there is no escaping it. This life is but a game in which you separate yourself from yourself, so that you can experience the miracle  of finding yourself again.

You are the God you seek.


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