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Love and a Kitchen

At age thirty seven the life I was building, and which I was depending on for my future, began unraveling. A combination of choices, circumstances, and karma all reached a crescendo, to send me tumbling into the darkest pit of my life. This was unprecedented. And for the first time in almost forty years, I was genuinely concerned whether I would be able to rise again, and to be happy.


Love and a Kitchen is the working title of the book I am currently writing. The idea for this book came early 2014, in Kerala, South India. Since then, it moved briefly through Sri Lanka, to return to India, where it jumped back and forth between Nepal. Eventually the story penetrates the European continent, where it simmers and matures for three years on a little island called Gozo, before returning to South Africa, six years later.


I could describe Love and a Kitchen as EITHER a work of fiction, built around a real-life experience. OR … a work of truth, dressed in fictional clothing.

What this means is that the STORY is completely true. But the PLOT is mostly fictional.

This is an evolution on my first book: My Life My Africa which was written as a slightly self-indulgent memoir.


The story that inspires Love and a Kitchen begins in the most dire situation. The nonprofit organization I form, to care for marginalized and neglected children and youth, implodes with theft and rebellion. A ‘rare and incurable’ stress-induced auto immune disease I am diagnosed with about seven years earlier, begins running rampant. I quit the only formal employment I have ever had, after only eight months in it. The lease on my wife’s and my house reaches its end. 
And so does the long-suffering marriage.
This is where the story begins.

And it travels through India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and into Malta, before returning to a South Africa I am seeing for the first time, six years later.

A piece of paradise known as Bulungula


As we transcend suffering, and assist those who remain stuck in it, eventually we create a world without suffering. And a world without suffering is a world filled with Love … which is exactly what we all wish, for the future generations.

Love and a Kitchen is being written for the purpose of helping human beings find their way Out from Suffering.

May all Beings in all places be freed from suffering.

[credits: to Ohtapus for the Featured Image at the top of the page, which she drew in those first ten days Kirsty and I were together.]

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