Honestly speaking, I am not Philen Naidu. I have been called by many different names during my life. And my own mother doesn’t even call me by the name she christened me with, so I cannot be confined to a single name.

The body I wear has changed so drastically since birth that it is also absurd to identify with this.

And the same can be said about my thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs, and emotions; they are all as transient and impermanent as a puff of smoke from an old woman’s pipe.

In truth, by the time you are reading this, ‘I’ is already a new creation, with this piece of writing as only a distorted memory.

But in terms of this character known by some as ‘Philen Naidu’, whose name I shall temporarily adopt for the sake of convenience, here is what we do know:


I entered this present birth-death cycle in 1976. By the age of sixteen, I had covered more than thirty countries and states, on four continents. Then at the age of seventeen, I traveled as a solo backpacker for the first time. I lived and worked three months on a kibbutz in Israel, passed through the Sinai Peninsula; then another seven months in London, before traveling through some popular European tourist destinations.

In 1999, having obtained a full bursary to study electro-mechanical engineering at the University of Cape Town, I dropped out.

At age twenty two, the life being presented to me appeared mostly superficial and meaningless. It seemed full of loneliness and despair, but with plenty ‘stuff’, alcohol, and television entertainment, as compensation.

So I quit. Without knowing where I belong, I knew where I did not. And so I began walking away from who I am not, in faith that I would – one day – find out who I truly am. Not according to what people were telling me, but according to what I realized through my own experiences.


Between 1999 and 2020, I have lived in and traveled over twenty countries, on three different continents. I have worked part-time, freelance, and in exchange for a bed and food; my only formal employment lasting eight months. So my mind has been entirely free and unconstrained in its exploration, and pursuit of Truth.


A car accident in 2006, in Zimbabwe, sent me into a 36-hour (or 3-day? … I don’t remember) coma. When I awoke, I was a changed man, with severe head and brain trauma. After being released from hospital, I worked with my father and my brother, in a few businesses. Later, I started a band and became the ‘worship leader’ at a young church-planting project. During these years, I studied at biblical college, and became a missionary to the neglected and marginalized. I founded a nonprofit organization to help keep kids off the streets and in a safe space, and also founded a biblical teaching school within the same community.

Along the way I got married, and also got my first official ‘job’, managing operations for an overland safari company in Southern Africa. And then I got divorced and quit that job. In the midst of all this, I was diagnosed with a ‘rare and incurable’ stress-related autoimmune disease known as Addison’s Disease.

In 2013, jobless, homeless, wife-less, and clueless; with a nonprofit organization that had imploded, and an autoimmune disease that was running rampant, I self-published my debut book, and then slipped into the Depression that would forever alter both my life, and the world I live in. At the end of 2013, I (again) reduced my life into what I could fit into a backpack, and set off this time to India.


This part of the story is massive, and I am currently writing my second book to record what took place while I was in India. But the abbreviated version goes like this:

  • I met God, only to discover that she is a loving and compassionate woman, and not a jealous male.
  • I met myself for the first time, while living in her presence.
  • I discovered the stumbling block that was strangling joy and creating anxiety, which is that I could not answer the most simple, yet fundamental question: What is it that I TRULY want? And this was restricting the entire universe in serving my needs, because my needs were uncertain and constantly fluctuating.
  • And I learned I would be writing yet another book.

During the course of three years, I bounced back and forth between India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. And then one day, quite unexpectedly in Nepal, I met my Lighthouse, Partner, Lover and Soulmate. I also heard about an island called Malta for the first time, which is where she was born.


Three months later I traveled to Malta, where we lived together for three years. In that time I became known as That Indian Food Guy – hosting cooking classes, facilitating ayurvedic food yoga retreats, and creating and supplying homemade spice blends.

And in December 2019, we left Malta to follow a mysterious call on our hearts, to ‘Go to South Africa.’ It is from this new space that I now write.


I have not lived a conventional life, in the daily spaces and activities you might be more familiar with. Instead, I have constructed my worldview from first-hand experiences, covering over four decades, five continents, and over forty countries and states. And during this life, I have only ever been enslaved within employment for eight months; so my mind has been completely free. Imagine how much time becomes available when the forty five hours per week usually given to an ’employer’, become yours to commit entirely in the pursuit of Truth and Right Knowledge; concerning both yourself and the world you live in … ?

I write because I have things to share concerning these life experiences; things every human being needs to hear, and learn from, if we are to move Out From Suffering and Into Loveboth individually, and as a species.

I am in awe of you. Your unfolding is a most spectacular event within the cosmos, and it is not to be missed. 

Leave your details below to join our Tribe, and welcome into the journey that will forever alter both your life, and the world you live in.

With love, Philen (even though we have already established this is not my name 😉)