Hello and Welcome

Captured by Barry Christianson. Copied into a lesser-quality digital image by yours truly.


In 2013, the bottom fell out from underneath me and the life I thought I was building.

  • I quit my job.
  • The nonprofit organization for marginalized children I had started and run for seven years, imploded with theft and rebellion.
  • I tanked the fledgling Christian Missionary path I had been walking for the previous seven years, together with my relationship with the church.
  • The ‘rare and incurable’ auto immune disease (Addison’s Disease) I was diagnosed with seven years earlier began running rampant, and I became physically weak and mentally fatigued.
  • And the longsuffering marriage I was in eventually broke, as I filed for divorce.
  • By 2016 (three years later), I found the soulmate I had searched a lifetime for.
  • By 2017, we were living together on a tiny and magical Mediterranean island. And I had begun a successful business as a Cooking Coach, Food Mentor, Master of Spices, Retreat Facilitator, and Healer.
  • And by December 2019, we had sold everything to follow a call on our hearts to ‘go to South Africa’.

As of 2020, we live and work as volunteers, in a little piece of paradise known as Bulungula.

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