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I left South Africa in November 2013, on the back of a total breakdown that began with a devastatingly unhealthy relationship, and ended with a traumatic divorce.

Having quit the only official ‘job’ I ever had, at age thirty seven, after only eight months of employment, with the lease on our shared townhouse at its end, with the non profit organization I had founded imploding with theft and rebellion, a rare stress-related autoimmune disease running rampant, my relationship with my God in tatters, and with barely a shred of self-esteem, dignity, or self-respect remaining; my attempts to ‘hold it together’ in the public eye eventually began showing cracks, and I slow-crumbled into the darkest pit of my life.


… were several months of being as useless, dependent, and mentally sharp as a suckling infant, with absolutely none of its cuteness, charm, or lovability. But slowly, like a crab appears watchfully from under a rock, my shallow breathing and petrified heart began re-opening, and probing.

Searching the universe inside and out, until I find a place my heart calls Home.

Taken from the inside cover of my journal, after I had bought a one-way ticket to India.

It took two and a half years from the time of my decision to pick my life off the floor (literally) and give it ‘one last chance’; to finding my Lighthouse, Soul Buddy, and Lover in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal … and a further three years of living together on a tiny Mediterranean island called Malta, to finally arrive within this space of Peace and Contentment in which we now live, and from which I now write.

Bulungula Lodge, Eastern Cape, South Africa


This is a true life story that begins in suffering, loss, loneliness, and a deeply disturbing sense of not belonging. It travels through realms of adventure, mystery, mysticism, healing, spirituality, magic of the divine nature, intrigue, suspense, drama, and ultimately finds its rest in Love and Peace.

I am here to write and share about the path I have traveled that carried me Out From Suffering and Into Love. A path that welcomes all, and is freely available to you, if you choose.

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I speak in terms of I, only because I am the writer. But there is nothing about my story that is ‘mine.’

My name is Philen, you can read more about me HERE.

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